Royal Engagement Style Pictures

I am not very good at this, but I wanted to start this blog as soon as possible, since this website was launched two months ago. I will be writing the posts myself, but some times, could be written by my twin sister, as we work together, and she will be happy to share her thoughts through these lines too! 🙂

I will try to express my emotions and thoughts through the pictures I post and relate the feelings I got from the couples, and the whole photo shoot indeed.

These first pictures are very inspiring and meaningful for me, as is my very first engagement photo shoot in London. And not only this; The bride is our cousin! She has been living in London for abut 8 or 10 years already, and she married a lovely English guy!

So for this photo session I got inspired by the Royal Engagement Pictures, as the Royal Wedding happened three weeks before, and I must say I loved them. The photographs were taken by photographer Alexi Lubormirski.001+1Prince Harry And Meghan Markle EngagementWe chose The Royal Botanic Gardens, in Kew. I love this place, it was perfect! So many spots where to take nice pictures, and despite the heat, it was a lovely afternoon, we ended up being there for three hours!DSC_9430003004008The fact that Alex and Cristina are so much in love, gave this special glow to the pictures. I loved the feeling.009007005They’ve got that something…. There was a huge spark during the whole session.

010011012I just can’t stop selecting images to post them, but I think I am done for now. I will write another post about their wedding in London and then the following, which took place in the lovely island we all have in our hearts. (all our family 😉 ) 013Love is in the air!

M x